Same Day Courier Specialists

1st Class Couriers UK deliver parcels on the very same day that a parcel is sent. Yes! That’s right. A parcel can be picked up from the sender and received by the recipient all on the same day.

1st Class Couriers is a UK based company that provides specialized services in delivering packages the same day. We give businesses the flexibility they require to send contracts and legal information around the UK area quickly.

We package for point to point destinations and are affordable. In London City Centre we give the option for push bikes, and you are able to use all our courier services 24/7.

We are divided into various divisions and depending on the package will determine the division that you use; for example, if you need to transport medicine you need to book with the Healthcare division, or if you need to deliver packages to a shop you will use the Retail division. We provide our services to the following towns; Reading including the whole of Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Hampshire, and London.

Before booking a delivery, you need to prepare the necessary information required for example the address you want your Goods Delivered To, plus a telephone number for you and the recipient, and the type of documents and is it time critical, We will provide you with an envelope where you need to fill in the information you prepared and a tracking number will be given to you as well as reflect on the delivery package. The tracking number is to determine where the package is and who signed for the delivery documentation.

Why you should hire our same day courier specialists’ services

Proof of delivery
We will provide the sender with a confirmation of delivery, and this means that when your consignment is delivered, you will be given a proof to sign that states that you have received your parcel. 

We are professional, and we keep our promise to deliver the package within time. We accept a deal without any hesitation. Our employees are professionals and very reliable.

1st Class Couriers UK has a track of record. Our industry-experienced professional team has all the necessary ingredients to keep all the competition behind us. We offer competitive pricing and a great service with care and dedication to delivering according to the needs of our clients.

We offer the feasibility to track your goods. The option of monitoring items is essential for assuring a safe delivery of the items to the assigned location in time. We also update our customers in case if any inconvenience occurs during the delivery process.

When you need sending important business assignments, the last thing you would want happening to your parcel is it to get lost. When you are using our efficient same-day delivery, you can put your mind at ease that no accidents or mishaps will ruin the items that you have scheduled to be delivered. You can be sure that the sent items will be delivered in the same condition that you have dispatched them plus we have goods in transit insurance.

When you send a parcel of any type of material with the help from 1st Class Couriers, you can be assured that your package would reach the destination in one day meaning the same day.

You can rest assured that the confidentiality of the contents of your package is safe as courier companies forbid their delivery professionals to open the parcels of our clients. Whether or not you are sending fragile goods through same day courier service, you can rest assured that they will be delivered in good condition and on time at all times.

Same day courier services take extreme care in handling parcels of their clients. Damage of goods during the transportation is unprofessional in this industry. Same day courier services are usually international companies that make them suitable for transferring packages to any part of the world.

We are preferred mostly by businesses for shipping their products to their customers, mainly international customers who shop online.

If you are sending packages to nearby places, then a same day courier service may not be essential as a messenger can do it as well, but such a courier service plays a vital role when far away destinations are involved. 

You can log onto the website to book same day Parcells Letters and packages. The site also gives extra information regarding the courier industry.

You won’t need to take too much worry about your parcel because 1st Class Couriers UK is best known for its feature and providing relevant information about listed courier services providers. Contact us today for more details about our same day courier specialists in the UK.